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                                                       Peugeot J7. 

Rebuilt Petrol and Diesel Engines. Rebuilt Peugeot J7 Gearboxes, plus Starter Motors, Alternators, Brakes, Clutches, etc


Petrol 2.0 litre Engine Transplants to replace the Peugeot J7 1600 and 1800 Petrol engines.

Diesel 2.5 litre Engine Transplants to replace the Peugeot J7 Diesel engines. 

The Diesel engines used on the Citroen H van and the Peugeot J7 were similar manufacturer and technology. The Peugeot were sometimes different sizes, but  as we have become Citroen H van Indenor Diesel engine specialists, it made sense to start importing the Diesel engines used by the Peugeot J7 for rebuild and Sale alongside the Citroen versions. We also have a stock of Starter Motors, Alternators, Clutches, Carburetors, etc

The Peogeot J7 vans are being imported into the Country in ever increasing numbers, they are a lot more driveable than a Citroen H van. They were introduced to replace the Peugeot D4. 

The Peugeot J7 was then replaced by the J5 and the longer J9, often used as Bus or Camper Van.

Peugeot D4 - 1950 - 1965

Peugeot J7 - 1965 to 1980

Peugeot J9 - 1981 to 1993

Peugeot J5 - 1982 to 1991

We already had extensive knowledge of the Peogeot J7 Petrol engines, many of which we have encountered before in old Peugeot cars like the 404, 504, etc, so offering second hand and rebuilt J7 engines, clutches, Starter Motors, etc was inevitable.

We have even developed a 2.0 litre petrol transplant to replace the earlier, smaller 1,600cc and 1796cc engines. Our 2.0 litre Peugeot  engine has 104bhp versus the 1600cc 65bhp.

As a result of this skill, we are also being asked to complete some mechanical rebuilds on these vans. 

The famous Dylans Restaurant (Menai Bridge) Peugeot J7 van in the photo below is in the process of getting it's engine fully rebuilt. 

This is one of the later models with the 1,796cc Petrol engine and a specialist body by L. Ferrassou, Carrossiers of Corde, near Toulouse in the Tarn region of Southern France. 


This probably explains why a 1974 van is in such outstanding condition?

Just like the H van the J7 was produced in a variety of models :

The Peugeot J7 van has the right retro look yet much more modern mechanical elements, like 4 speed Gearbox, powerful engine (104bhp in our 2.0l uprated Transplant version versus the Citroen H vans 37bhp), Disc Brakes  all at much lower cost than an H van.  

From 1975 the van incorporated many new features, like Disc Brakes, a 1971cc engined van from 1975 on is the one to go for.

The 1618cc is underpowered for a Catering/Camper, but we can supply a 2.0 transplant to replace it. 

Avoid the  older 1,468cc engined vans.


If you have a J7 and want it looked after by specialists, you know where to bring it. 

We stock Starter Motors, Clutches, Engines, Carburetors, Cylinder Heads, etc.



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