Wheeler Dealer TV Van

The van featured in the Wheeler Dealer TV program that Mike Brewer bought from the South of France, Ed China restored it and then they Sold it at a profit. All filmed on the Discovery Channel. 

We not only supplied a rebuilt Gearbox and one of our famous Ford Engine Transplants but did the bits that Ed and Mike did not have time to do.

Google 'Wheeler Dealers Citroen HY Youtube' to watch the episode on a PC.    


The Wheeler Dealers van outside our workshop after having rebuilt Brakes, Suspension, bodywork, Windows, Seats, Wiring, Driveshafts, Steering Rack, etc. It went back to the Wheelers team to continue the restoration.

Ed China subsequently fitted one of our Ford Engine transplants and a rebuilt Gearbox to replace the original Citroen engine.

 H Van for Hire -  There is H van is available for TV shows, Events and Publicity, it has appeared on the BBC's One Show and many others, see : http://www.hvanshowmobile.co.uk/


Jamie Olivers Ice Cream Van :



 This van below is owned by the famous Sarah Cox.

Ok so not THE Sarah Cox however, this van/owner combination is special because it has been a real success story.

Sarah Cox writes : "Our business started in September 2013 and has really begun to take off this year. The first year was a lot of trial and error at events, and fixing mechanical problems with the Hy. We have had the engine rebuilt, had it totally rewired, a camera fixed to see the side and rear, a new clutch etc. etc.!! ( This despite being told it would be mechanically sound when we collected it after the renovation from a company in the middle of England.) From Nov 2014, our van began to run trouble free! I still listen for every strange noise just incase! 
We stuck with the French theme and do sweet crêpes and Galettes, along with coffees and ice creams in the summer.  We have found private events to be the best way to develop the business and have particularly focused on the wedding market.  When we began in September 2013 we had one event lined up and one wedding booking for the following May.  We have now done around 35 weddings and have another 30 booked in. We have built some good relationships with certain venues and attend some of their event days too.  Yet to explore the festival scene!!  This was a huge change in career and still learning daily, but so far no regrets".

The Little Camion for weddings, birthdays, sporting events.