Citroen HY Van Suppliers/Restorers and useful links

This page will attempt to list companies or sites that we can find that are related to the Citroen HY van in some way, with a little info about each one.

 Want to find Citroen HY vans for sale to restore yourself? Want a Ford Transplant? 

These links below have lots more information plus vehicles and spares for sale :


Franzose : Specailist Citroen Peugeot and Renault spares supplier. A big H van Spares stock :  Franzose are probably the biggest Citroen H van Spares supplier in Europe with quality parts at low price. 

Note that the H4 Headlights you might see for sale are for german/French vehicles  and 'Dip' the wrong way, to the Right, into the Eyes of oncoming vehicles so are not legal in the UK. They will fail an MOT.


One of the biggest Importers of Citroen HY's, Peugeot J7's, and interesting older vehicles in original, as found condition.

UK Stock - can be viewed. Vehicles also imported to order and can be delivered.

DS Workshop - Citroen H van and DS specialists, We have worked with these guys and they are good, Gearboxes, engines and second hand Doors, rebuilt carburettors, etc. 

Tel : 0777 965 1802

The 2CV Shop - Based in Frome, Somerset The 2CV Shop have demonstrated major technical ability on Citroen HY vans. They have performed an LPG Gas conversion, put in a V8 engine with a 5 speed gearbox and created a Disc brake conversion. Their V8 H van has now completed over 50,000 miles, a testament to the quality of the design and build. Parent site : and this is their new dedicated H van web site


CLASSIC CAR REVIVALS - This team are the ones restoring KARANS CAMPER they have a history of quality Camper Van and Car restoration work. See :    Dean on 01462 659 833


H Van for Hire -  This H van :

is available for TV shows, Events and Publicity :

French Classics - Have been selling H vans for 12 years, see -  Olivier Houiller 01474 703125

A Company that has restored 3 HY vans and uses them to good effect :


 LPG Conversion

Refillable LPG gas tanks from Gas It :



If your Distributor is in poor condition a NEW Electronic unit (and second hand) can be bought from  DS Workshops, see above. 



Paint your own Van to the standards of a respray for just £50? Sounds too good to be true? It's been done, read this :

Rustoleum Combi Colour Hand applied Paint suppliers and Colour Charts :

Lawson HIS Southhampton


Classic Vehicle restoration Specialists. See Jamie Olivers Citroen HY Ice Cream van:

Citroen HY Catering conversion specialists :

What someone else has done with their Camper :

Technical manuals :

Insurance :

See the new INSURANCE page


Owners Club :

The Citroen H van register seems to be a liitle quiet at the moment, but has a small Technical section covering Spark Plugs, etc,

I registered my details but didn't receive any acknowledgement or confirmation :-

This H van register is run by 2cvGB :