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This website was built by Allan Evans and is now owned and administered by Dragon Classics Workshop, Citroen H van restoration Specialists and the Technicians behind the original website and the famous Ford Pinto engine conversion.

The huge amount of information Dragon Classics publish here is proof that they are different to other companies. Most won't share information, let alone tell you how to build your own Catering Hatch, rebuild your own Brakes, or  Set the Distributor Timing, etc.

The team are not just experts in the mechanics and bodywork for Citroen H vans, but are true enthusiasts. They can rebuild and supply everything from Wiper Motors to Rebuilt Gearboxes and engines. 


Dragon Classics Workshop,

Unit 2/3 Ty Mawr, Water street, 



LL22 7SW

Tel : +44 1745 823901

                                                                                    Citroen H Van History

Contrary to what you might read elsewhere the Citro├źn H Van was not designed as a simple Van,  it was the most advanced light commercial of it's day. While it may have the appearance of being a simple design, it is actually quite complex.   

It was initially conceived around 1943 as a light weight, high capacity front wheel driven van that was full of innovation. At a time when commercial vehicles, and indeed most saloon cars of the day, were built using a separate, heavy, cart sprung chassis and a bolt on body, the Type H was different. 

It was the first mass produced Van to utilise monocoque construction, where the body and chassis were designed as an integrated unit with all wheel, independent suspension by Torsion bars. Nothing else in the class was as light or so strong. Even the famous VW Transporter that was launched 4 years later was heavier with half the load capacity and built using a separate chassis. 

                               To continue reading more about the H vans History, click here HISTORY 

                               For Technical information, like how to rebuild the Brakes, click here TECHNICAL

                                         For Buyers Guide click here BUYERS GUIDE


                                  Who are we and why did we create this web site?

We are a group of enthusiasts  who have created this website to help all those with an H van to find out what they need to keep them running. 

It documents Citroen H van History,  Technical,  Buyers Guide,  Citroen H vans For Sale and Wanted, How to construct your own Catering HatchSuppliers that have H vans for sale, Spares suppliers, Restorers, Useful contacts, etc. 


This website is dedicated to helping enthusiasts restore their own van and provide help and information on parts, suppliers, etc like our new page on how to construct your own Catering Hatch.


On introduction in 1949 the Citroen H van had a designation of Citroen Type H. This was soon replaced by the designation Type HY and HZ. Most of the surviving vehicles are Type HY's and this is by far the more common name associated with the vehicle. We make no apology for referring to them as Citroen HY vans.



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